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Eden Range UK CBD extracts are manufactured using USA grown, low THC variations of the Cannabis Sativa plant (otherwise known as hemp). The hemp plants used in this process have been selectively cultivated over time to produce great cannabinoid and terpene profiles.

The extracts are produced using the most advanced CO2 extraction and filtering methods in order to create the well renowed ‘Golden Oil‘. This oil has the benefit of being free from excess plant material whilst retaining the cannabinoids that make it so effective.

The extracts bottled into a variety of CBD strengths in a GMP compliant facility in the UK. They are also third party lab tested to verify the cannabinoid contents. If you wish to see the Certificate of Analysis’, please refer to the product pages.

Eden Range CBD oil is often praised for its ‘not so bad’ taste and value for money when compared with other like-for-like products on the market.

Why are we so reasonably priced?

As a relatively new business we need to stay very competitive with pricing. In a market where there are new brands popping up left, right & centre, we need to stand out from the crowd. Luckily for us, this aligns with our core business value, which is making CBD as affordable as possible to people who require it.

Despite this we still make enough profit in order to run the business. This is because we are not implementing any multi-level-marketing strategies, otherwise known as pyramid selling. In addition to this, the opportunities for advertising in this industry are very limited, which is why we rely on low pricing and positive customer feedback to spread the message.

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Reduced work related stress

definitely helped me sleep better and reduced work related stress. thanks.

Ashley Price

I cant thank you enough!

Since taking your oil, my jaw is back to normal. My hair is more shiny, my skin is clear and I’m sleeping really well. I also don’t get that horrible anxious feeling in my tummy anymore.

Cathy Smith

Cheers Eden

Happy with item. Going to step it up and order the stronger strength next time.

Jayne Brown

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